Meet Propane Resources Team Member: BONNIE walker
a perfect day:
a beach, my family
and my flute. Playing
and making music
with the ones I love!

What I like most about my job:
helping people
be more efficient

Years in Propane Industry

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Bonnie Walker
Info-Tech Specialist | Trainer - Speaker | etc
my family MUSIC Haynes Flute Ericka, Lyrika beach Prince Edward Island bicycling doug

  Growing up in Northern California I have a deep appreciation and love of the mountains and oceans that were so close. Music seems to be a natural segway to express some of the emotion that I have towards the beautiful scenery that was readily available. My daughter, Ericka, born in San Francisco also shares the same love of music which seems to be passed along to her daughter. Through music, I met my husband, Doug, who shares the love of music. We now live in Kansas and no longer have the mountains and ocean nearby but our love of music stays the same. We have 2 cats, Bacci and Pouhka, both Bengals. They keep the house active and keep us laughing as well. When we buy a toy for our granddaughter, many times we have to buy 3.

I am now a software engineer and have the opportunity to help people solve problems, work more efficiently, and develop and design systems supporting the operations of the company. Much of the discipline I obtained through my musical training has been able to be transferred to my current profession of developing web and business software.
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