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Education and staff / company development speaks to the core values of Propane Resources. We provide educational training on many topics to help educate and develop the members of the propane industry by speaking at state and national association meetings as well as for individual companies. We have experts who can train on a variety of topics specific to the retail propane industry. We have many training topics already available or we would be happy to customize something to meet your needs.

Primary categories include business, operations, marketing, supply and web. Some of the presentations cross into other areas of the business because like a retail propane business, what happens in one area impacts all the other areas in some way. These presentations can be delivered to a group of companies or tailored to a specific company. We strive to customize our presentations to your needs.

If you don't see what you are looking for, call us and we will customize a plan for you.

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  Making Collections Systematic...   Business
      Credit & Collections and Improving Accounts Receivable.

Combine the state of the economy, wholesale propane prices, cost of steel, and banks' concerns surrounding lending, credit and collections and see why improving your accounts receivable has never been more important. This training session is targeted to the front line staff working with the customers to improve their payment records and improve company receivables.

This session will provide staff with the tools to develop a proven system for collections and provide methods to train the customers to pay on time. When the attendees leave the training session they will have the information to implement a plan immediately and begin reducing receivables. The goal: to make collections systematic and reduce the staff's stress level.

  Understanding your P&L...   Business
      Propane Business Management - Understanding your P&L So You Can Manage Your Business

The company's profit and loss statement (P&L), if properly utilized, can provide tremendous information for managing your business. But without a propane-friendly format and understanding how to use the information at your fingertips, it can seem like a useless report generated only for tax purposes. This training session will focus on understanding your P&L on a cpg (cents per gallon) basis so you can manage your business. The session will focus on financial management, expense detail breakdown and other keys to managing your business. The goal: to make the P&L a vital tool every retailer will use and understand in running their business on a daily/monthly basis.

  The Generation Gap - Who's running your business?   Business

Many companies today have multiple generations working in the business and in many cases, running the business. The question becomes, who makes the decisions and does everyone agree? Generational differences in and of themselves, can really cause problems. Add how these different generations approach operations - plus family dynamics - and the mix can be extremely frustrating and often times hinder profitability. This training session will examine generational differences relating to operating and managing businesses and how to capitalize on the positives of each and reduce the negatives. The goal: to make running the family business fun again and reduce stress levels while maximizing profitability.

  How to Get The Kind of Publicity Money Can't Buy - FOR FREE!   Marketing

Getting free publicity isn't always easy, but it can be done! If you are a retail propane marketer, publicity marketing should be an essential part of your marketing arsenal. In this session you'll learn some of the best small business marketing tools available to help you receive free press coverage via your local media - television, radio, newspaper, Internet, and other sources. How you make your business newsworthy is only limited by your creativity and ingenuity. Find out how to receive the kind of FREE media coverage for your business that money probably can't buy!

  Propane Delivery: Calculating Your Costs   Operations

This session will overview the true cost of delivering propane to your customers and steps you can take to reduce these expenses. The presentation will discuss the costs associated with delivering a gallon of propane, the impact of drop sizes, gallons delivered per bobtail/per mile and bulk truck utilization. Participants will receive a toolkit to assist them in calculating their delivery costs and determining cost-savings measures for more efficient delivery.

  Building Customer Loyalty   Business

This presentation will focus on retaining loyal customers and gaining new business through relationship building. Customers do not like to be sold, but they love to have someone to help them with their needs. Traditionally, the profession of sales has received a bad rap. It's been called a necessary evil and it's often associated with the high-pressure, "used car salesman" mentality. However, when you define sales as "providing a solution to someone's needs or wants" the scenario changes. Learn how to provide your sales force with the tools to build long-term relationships with current and prospective customers. Discover how to uncover your customers' needs and provide appropriate solutions.

  Succession Planning   Business

What is my company worth? How do I make my company more attractive to prospective buyers? What is my exit strategy? This session will provide relevant information for owners of retail propane companies looking to build value and/or prepare for future sale. Participants will understand how a retail propane company is valued as well as key criteria buyers look for when acquiring companies. This session will also address how to deal with family issues while creating a succession plan.



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