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  Websites - How to Effectively Utilize the Web to Enhance Business   Web

Today's retailer must find ways to target their customers in the most cost effective way possible. As more communication goes digital with the use of the Internet, marketers must develop methods of building relationships and communications with their customers. This session will demonstrate methods of building a lasting relationship with customers at the same time increase the efficiency of the marketing message. This session will demonstrate how online marketing can allow a retailer to manage and target certain customers based on their needs. Make it a useful tool for your customers.



  How to Make Your Website Work For You   Web

Retail propane marketers are aware of the importance of having a web presence. But, exactly to what extent they need their web presence to be can be daunting. Some websites are little more than a yellow page ad with a phone number and address while others are complex sites designed to drive customers to your doorstep. One of the greatest challenges in your online presence is how to get customers to your site. This session will focus on how to use search engine optimization and placement tools, strategies and tactics - the goal - use your web presence as a sales tool so you can focus on closing the sale and serving the customer.




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