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Propane Resources offers a host of services specifically designed to assist propane retailers improve their operations. One of the most popular offerings, our Propane Resources Monthly Letter, draws on 100+ years combined industry experience of Propane Resources' propane industry professionals.

As a subscriber to the Letter, you'll learn from the experience of its contributors and enjoy the wide range of topics offered. Each month you will read about management solutions from real-world examples, how to motivate employees or how to handle pricing issues in the Leadership edition and the supply aspects of operating a propane business in the Supply edition.

The Supply edition of the Letter contains up-to-date, time-sensitive information about the propane market including inventory projections, propane price forecasts and global, indepth analysis, helping you to lower the cost of sales plus increase and protect your gross margins.

The Leadership edition provides broad insight into the practices of running a successful retail propane company, giving you ideas to improve marketing and operations.

There are no ads to distract from the information, and no advertising to dictate content. You'll get insight and analysis from the people who have been in your shoes. We're so sure that you'll find the information provided by the Propane Resources Letter valuable, that we're offering a free three-month subscription. Signing up is easy. Just fill out the trial subscription form. is your Number One choice for propane pricing information on the Web. offers market information that's updated four times daily, commentary on issues affecting today's prices and propane pricing history.

  • Receive Market Price Updates anywhere with optional new mobile updates designed specifically for your handheld mobile device
  • Current Market Prices updated four times a day can be delivered to your inbox
  • Market Analysis gives a quick read on today's propane market and what to expect
  • Pricing History plus interactive charting capabilities that give you freedom to compare historical pricing data

Information provided by is concise, easy-to-read and is known for its dependable, accurate analysis of today's propane market and future market trends.

For a virtual tour or to sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription, click here. Signing up is easy. Just fill out the trial subscription form.

Supply Management

Propane Resources believes in matching supply plans to marketing plans. How many gallons are you selling at fixed prices, capped prices, and prices that are simply open to market conditions? How are those programs designed and what is the timing? These are key questions we will ask to start the process of advising you on how to lock in desired margins for the year.


In today's world, most things are accessible online so offering your customers an option to pay their propane bill online is essential. Not only is WebPay hassle-free for your customer but it is also easy and affordable for you.

Propane Resources can develop an online payment product for you even if your company does not currently have a website. Contact Propane Resources for more information.


Search Engine Optimization is a common buzz term we read and hear about most any day of the week. We can help your company optimize your website to ensure when people are looking for a retailer in your area or one that offers a service they are looking for, that your company is at the top of the list. Make sure your website ranks at the top of the page when people search for your services. Trends, rules, and requirements change quite frequently. Propane Resources will keep your website up-to-date and in front of your customers and potential customers.

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