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As a propane provider, you have an obligation to provide your customers, commercial and residential, with safety information. It is important that your valued customers and clients thoroughly understand the risk factors and safety procedures concerning propane. Propane Resources provides Duty to Warn and Material Safety Data Sheet mailing assistance and personalized support materials for propane retailers who take the safety and welfare of their customers to heart

Samples of some of the safety information we use:

  • GAS LEAK WARNING information sheet. This sheet provides information about how to detect a gas leak and safety procedures to follow.

  • CARBON MONOXIDE WARNING information sheet. This sheet provides information about detecting carbon monoxide leaks and the safety procedures to follow.

  • MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for PROPANE is designed for your employees and industrial customers. It contains detailed information about the properties of propane, handling, regulation, disposal, composition, hazards, transportation, first aid, etc.


  • PROPANE SAFETY GUIDELINES. The Propane Education & Research Council developed this brochure. It contains important propane safety information.


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