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DOT Compliance FAQ's

Which Code of Federal Regulations do your inspections forms fulfill?

Our daily inspection forms fulfill inspection requirements for 49 CFR 392.7 — 392.9. The monthly inspection forms full inspection requirements for 49 CFR 180.416

Why are vehicle inspections and maintenance required?

They are required to keep unsafe vehicles off the highways. The inspection requirements were developed to protect the general driving public as well as carriers and their drivers.

Why are inspections important?

Regular vehicle inspections:
  1. Reduce the chance of an accident, breakdown or injury.
  2. Help you become a safer worker while maintaining efficiency during your daily operations.
  3. Make your job easier, because as you check your vehicle more often, the better your inspections become.
  4. Can save you and your company money.

What inspection forms do you offer?

Propane Resources offers daily and monthly inspection forms as well as inspection forms for service and cylinder vehicles.

Do your forms meet all DOT regulation requirements?

Yes. Our inspection forms meet all DOT regulation requirements and are easy to use.

Do I need to purchase separate boxes of inspection forms if I need to replace my inventory of daily and monthly inspection forms?

No. Our bulk vehicle inspection pads include both daily and monthly inspection forms in one convenient, easy-to-use pad. There are a total of 50, two-part forms in each pad — 45 daily inspection forms with 5 monthly inspection forms located at the back of each pad.

Our in-truck computer systems have a daily pre-trip inspection form included. Is there a way to purchase monthly inspection forms only?

Yes. We have monthly–only inspection forms available and they can be purchased by the pad of 50, two-part forms or they can be purchased by the box.
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